5 Top Notch Photo Editing Apps

I’m not too bothered by the general aesthetics of my feed, I seem to post whatever I please, but I tend to flick through a few apps to see the potential the picture has ;). So today, I thought I’d share with you these editing apps!

VSCOcam (Free)

Probably my most used editing app and is often talked about. In my opinion, VSCOcam is simple to use, elegant and has just enough options. However, it is important to note that some filter packages have to be bought for a few dollars. If you ever need inspiration for which filters to use, I suggest searching on pinterest for inspiration, or simply fiddling around with the intensity of the preset filters, saturation and temperature.


VSCOcam Using the A6 Filter

Afterlight ($0.99)

Again, one of my most used editing apps which was worth the payment. However, the only drawback is that despite paying the initial 99cents, there are still in-app purchases. They don’t cost too much, but I think that limits the app. Nonetheless, I still only use two or three filters. My favourite is Russ and Leila. Similar to VSCOcam you can alter the intensity of the filters, saturation and temperature. Afterlight can also creates the sought out white borders on the pictures.


Afterlight Using the Leila Filter

Snapseed (Free)

This app is quite simple to use, but not my favourite. Similar to the other two apps, there are the adjusting possibilities like exposure, temperature and saturation. The nice  thing about this app though, is the ability to ‘heal’ the picture. This feature allows you to get read of any unwanted things from your picture no matter what it is. Although I don’t use this app a lot, it is pretty cool.


Snapseed Using the Glamour Glow Filter

Fotor (Free)

This app is great for when you want to make a photo collage for your friend’s birthday or simply for yourself. It’s unique and easy to use. There are so many preset filters to choose from, it’s phenomenal. I definitely recommend fiddling around with it! I’m sure you’ll find something you like!


Motor Using the Mono Fragment Filter

Moldiv (Free)

Again, another great app to create collages with. This app does allow a bit more fiddling around but does a great job nonetheless. This one, you do have the chance to buy a pack of filters for a certain amount of money. But there are a lot of features on this app just waiting to be discovered!


Moldiv Using the P690W Filter

Please note that none of these filters are ranked from best to worst apps. I appreciate that each of these apps have their own uniqueness and provide varyingly different filters and other effects. All are equally good.



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