Gender Inequality within Sports

I thought I’d briefly share my opinion about the differences between men and women in sports that has recently caught my attention.

In no way am I trying to directly be hateful to someone or a group of people or a company, I am simply stating my opinion and by no means mean to offend anyone.


As some of you may know I am a golf player and play on an amateur level in a club and I often compete against other people. While I have been on holiday, my family and myself have been playing a lot of golf, which meant that balls were lost, tees were broken, clothes were sweaty and clubs were used on the daily.

Due to this, we’d been going to big sport shops or other stores that sell golf equipment and attire, particularly ones that sold Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, Nike, Cleveland, Foot Joy, Golfino, and more… Now I realize that this may be the fault of the retailers, rather than the producers, but my big issue here is: why is there so much more choice for men when it comes to golf? Why in several of these stores do they have a larger variety of clubs, clothes and other accessories? I know that not all stores are like this, but nonetheless, why do we have fewer options of clubs? I believe that they should be providing a standard 12 club choice from each brand at their store. This includes a P, S, 9, 8, 7, 6, 3, driver and a putter (+/- two hybrids/fairway woods). Men have all these options, why do we not? It’s not as though there were lots of women buying these clubs and that the store was at an all time low. No. This is not the case. There was a small rack designated to women’s golf. Far smaller than that of men. I do not identify myself as a feminist, but I do think that this is partially limiting women from playing this sport. I understand and appreciate that there are many views on golf, you either hate it or love it. But by no means should we have less options.


Furthermore, why is the clothing options for Girls/Women so floral and old-looking. Not only elderly people play golf. Golf is not simply a sport for old people, take Jordan Spieth (22) and Rory McIllroy (27) for example. Both professional golfers, and hey, they are still young. Again, why are women given fewer choices?? Some brands don’t even offer women’s clothing! Or only make a few t-shirts. All that these companies have to do is make the men’s basic shirts in a few sizes smaller? We don’t need the fancy floral shirts or the purple skirts! We’d like the dark blue water-resistant shirt and the beige shorts. It’s a sport for crying out loud, we do NOT need to look fashionable while we’re walking down 18-holes, it is not a Victoria’s Secret runway, we are literally playing a sport in which we get hot and sweaty.


5 thoughts on “Gender Inequality within Sports

  1. This is such an issue with lots of sports — I’m a tennis player. Female tennis players typically wear tennis skirts or tennis dresses, but I can’t say I love either of those. However, most companies don’t make tennis shorts for women — just for men. So to the men’s department it is for me! It’s a really unfortunate issue 😦

    Thanks for shedding light on the subject!

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    1. I feel the same way. I don’t like wearing skirts to play golf and I don’t think it is practical at all! Unfortunately I don’t fit into any clothes at the mens section, so I really hope that my voice gets heard! :/


      1. I do look a bit silly in some of the men’s clothes — I’m only 5’4″, so most of them don’t fit me well, so really, it seems like I can’t win either way!

        And I hope so, too — we need more practical sportswear!

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