Would You Choose the Gender of Your Baby?

Looking over my notes for my anticipated month long studying, I discovered an article I read about “Designer Babies”. I know this isn’t as much of a hot topic as it used to be, but it got me thinking. We’ve always discussed and debated the unethical and morality side of designing your babies. The fact that you can choose their gender and tamper with other characteristics that makes them unique seems a bit dystopic. Yes. It is. In 2017 that is. 10 years from now, who knows, but I reckon, that designer babies will be normal.

First things first, what is normal? Is normal the trend, the thing that everybody is doing. Is that normal? Or oblivious? That’s hard to say, but I’m sure that we won’t be frowning upon altering your child in a few years time. We live in a society where almost everything we own facilitates our lives, our actions, and our routine. Remember when the Apple Watch came out? Everyone (myself included) thought it was insane. Why would anybody need to WEAR interactive technology on their wrist. Why, would anybody want to be connected to the WORLD 24/7. I’m a hypocrite. I own one of these wearable items. Today, they’re deemed okay, and almost necessary. So what is holding us back from accepting designer babies? Is it such an absurd idea that we can’t deem it necessary?

It may be extreme to say that we live in a self-serving society, but because of all the advancements going on around us, and knowing that we can alter things makes me almost curious to see if I can design a child. I don’t think it is an issue of my generation, although maybe our upbringing tailors to the idea. The girls have played games like Barbie, or played on Stardoll.com, we’ve almost been brought up to change an item or person to be exactly like we want them. We’ve clicked endlessly on buttons to make the avatar’s clothing as fashionable as possible, we’ve given them the best hair, we’ve made them look like the best version of ourselves. These characters are representations of what we want to be. So yes, we are accustomed to changing things the way we want them to be. So again, why are we so against the idea of being able to determine the gender of our babies?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a huge fan of determining the gender of our babies, even though I hate surprises, I love tradition. I think that this notion is what is holding us back from accepting this step forward in our advancement. But let me ask, if you’ve always wanted a girl, and you knew that you could 100% make sure that you had a girl, would you take that opportunity?

I know it seems that I would take the opportunity, but I wouldn’t. I appreciate the advancement our science community has made for us, but I don’t think I would want to change the uniqueness and element of surprise away from my child.


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