My thoughts on ‘friends’

I think that having friends is the most important part of life. You don’t necessarily need loads of friends, but rather an intimate circle of people that you trust, cherish, value, and appreciate. The kind who you can tell anything and everything to, the ones that will be happy for you, when you are happy, the ones that put you and your wellbeing before their own. You need friends that reciprocate your values. Yet, you need friends that challenge you.

Friends build who you are, and are meant to be the most important people in your life. So, whilst I sit at home, waiting for others to put effort into this friendship, I realise, that it should not be this difficult. It should come easy. Whilst it feels as though you are sometimes taken for granted, it may be so. Step up, take action, and take control of your situation. You are not meant to feel powerless, and without friends, or attention. Those closest to you will know when to text you, will know when and what to tell you, and will always wish you the best. No matter what. and will put an extreme amount of effort into seeing you before you head off, or trying to keep in touch. You should not be the only one driving the friendship, and holding on to strings that are no longer meant to be there.

If the strings have swayed, let them go. It’ll be better for your own well being, instead of being dragged down by people that no longer wish you the best, or wish for you to play the same role in their life.

Find those that value you. You are so important. Remember that.


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